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Weather Warnings Of The Apocalypse

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Preparing for the end of days is something that many Christians believe to be important. Enduring apocalyptic events could prove challenging if you aren't prepared to identify the signs that the apocalypse is near. According to the Bible, changes in the weather will serve as an indication that the apocalypse is beginning.

Here are three unique types of weather warnings that the Bible has associated with the apocalypse.

1. Significant snow and hail storms.

The Bible makes mention of the fact that the world will be subject to significant snow and hail storms during the apocalypse. These storms will be unlike traditional snow and hail storms in both their intensity and the amount of precipitation that is received.

One biblical verse predicts that each hailstone that falls during an apocalyptic storm will be roughly the weight of a talent, which is the equivalent of 75 pounds. Being able to endure significant snow and hail storms will be important when it comes to surviving the apocalypse.

2. Increased surface temperatures on the Earth.

Another weather anomaly that the Bible associates with the apocalypse is an increase in the surface temperatures on the Earth. In fact, the Bible states that these increased temperatures will be significant enough to scorch mankind with heat.

Christians who are watching for signs warning the apocalypse is near often associate the global warming phenomenon with the increased surface temperatures predicted in the Bible. 

3. Exceedingly great thunderstorms and hurricanes.

Storms have played a significant role in many Biblical events. Perhaps the most famous storm to date was weathered by Noah in his ark, but this storm serves only as a precursor for the storms that will plague the Earth during the apocalypse.

Paying close attention to the weather patterns when it comes to the severity and frequency of thunderstorms and hurricanes can be a simple and effective way to help you identify changes that could signal the apocalypse is near. Knowing that thunderstorms and hurricanes will increase allows you to prepare to withstand these weather anomalies as you prepare for the apocalypse.

Being prepared for the pending apocalypse is something that many Christian denominations take very seriously. Studying the Bible will help you decipher signs that will be given to warn of the apocalypse. Many of these warning signs come in the form of weather changes. Be watching for severe snow and hail, increases in the Earth's surface temperature, and more frequent thunderstorms and hurricanes to help you become prepared for the apocalypse.

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